jOSHUA ISNT my deathsraets

Heelow reader s

Whe I was a small boy growing upo in african, my mom told me I should never put blades of black grass up my vagina as it angered satan

Well I'm 52 now, and a lot of water has passed over the damn, oscar wylde, so    I me thinks I would do a comik about my dead son JOSHAS as I still andrea corr get him out my thoughts;;; sometimes I lay awakew in bed thicking baout the time I done a poo of him out of my vagina doors, and I loved him so much, it was like billions of years of evolutionary programming in my genes had forced me to loive him....and Richard Dawkins always says religion ist wrong and evolution ios true so I blieve him

Anyway, last weekend at Miker & Carter Carvery I had a fabous

ISAs are  agood wqay to save casheys

 ds                                               youtube link not

               forced imself on me and when my dad found out b oth my parents died from ovrdosding of clean water. Frsotbite, 1997, Frasier season 4, Mr Blackband wasnt happy

Hello dad,

It's been a tonne of time since we last blogged on this website blogspot,


PLeas elet me share my latestg image with you wot i have bin working on this past year, its a biographycal story about how me and my 5th husband met one night in Yates bar in Walsall in 2005

The title of this song is the Vorly Horngory Catapailarr

Remember that time I fantasized about having a dead boby?


New log in for EVERYone!!!feel free to add to my blog WERLD I trust THEEE Ya fuckin Pimp!!!




Please WIPE ALL OUR bums ALLAH>?

feel free to comment on my jizz web plebs!

Joshua is not my child

Dear readers

It has with great sadness that I share my recent discorrs jim corrs andreas corrs a big fat wet corr of discovery. This is major Jofuahs my long dead black baby is not my child!

I stole him frum a wild pack of slovakian kittens.

 'lr.  so the story goo's in Tipton canal bourneidentity and raised, I was shootin some hoop is west philahelphia when me mummy got scarred for life by an absent minded emoji of some razor wire?  When up popped Perter venkman, the black one, Igor spenglaron and Ray "last name escapes me mind jail" causing some fucking mofo trouble in me black mofo neighbourhood and then me mum wuz all like

"you're going to live die with Uncle phil and the only black Tom jones fan in the Alpha Quadrant"

And I'd like to take a minute so shit a kid out right there...

She gave me a kiss and a love fumble and then she gave me my clamedia studio MX.

So I hailed for a fucking crab and e said 'You're movin' with your auntie …

almsot won year since last poster

helloo good many friday fans

you may have notized that as of tomorra I aint posted a post for a whole year. thats coz I bin busy doing life-related things in my life like meating with friends, socialising, playing football and making new friends and playing football. I also been playing the old game "Werms Are My Gaddon" as it was recently on sale on Steam, and theres a whole new influx of players for me to get to know and love intimatelyt. The game werks perfectly when installed via Steam,,

ONe person I spoke to during a recent game remembered when Biggins and Burrow done a country wide burp on a joffy

                       she never slept agai n         on my whig

sorry to torment you but Joshua Tree is in Brazil doing work experienc with his REAL DAD!

Hello everybody, my name is Romainers Truimphiees and I like playing trumpet on my cat's flesh. I need to go t be soon as I have to be up early in the morning to attend the sale at Next. I really need to buy myself a fr…

Ill Um Plum plups and the secret illuminators

Hello freaders

so I was like, reading through this week's ilustrartion fridays entrys earlier and it suddenlty dawned on me and my friends that illustration frisday has been secretly showing its allegiance to the worse secret society in history. i've been completing the illustrator friday competition for nearly 14 years, so I cant beliece I never notuiced it before.

it's the illuminato!

hello re1.

i have tried to contact the chief executive of illustrator friday 5 minutes ago and cant seem to get any resposne to my faxes. eye therefore have decided that I.F. you can't beat em, joim them. IO would therefre like this post to serve as my applicator for the illuminato. I would like to join cos I  know their watchuing and well yeah just let me in. my CV can be provided if needed and I have many references from back in my school days that i can provide over here if nestessery.

oh,. anne for the record Dan Brown is a lovely lovely man, I like him quite a very much and i belie…

Only fools and dak acid werk

Hello Starship troopers I am Roman Truipths. Welcome to my blog

Today I drid a comic enttted Post it Wars

Famous figures from the 80s not convincted of being peedophiles (yet) are as follows:

Noel Edmunds
Paul Daniels
Bob Monkhouse
Les Dawson
Russ Abbott
Keith Chegwin
Gordon the Gopher

To celebrate all these famous celebs who never fiddled with kikds, here's my latest com ic.

  but in the last episode Q returns to judge humanity and pulls Picard through 3 time zones. There's one seen where Tasha is back. I made me adf my unckle cry when we fust sore it. here's a lovely snippet from that epilsode@:

god, the man in this tfllowing video is so sexy. so very very vun sex

maxumum crime overdrive