if you dont like my drawings fuck off

i like it when boys jiggle their belly fat inm y face while i eating my mums tea

do you remember that time when I said I was goig to kill myself and everybody wrote to me telling me life was worth living if I just hung on in there?

well, after dseveral abortions of neareth death I decided I'm going to give life another try. I first realised I wanted to live when I heard the new Coldplay album. Listening to the soulful vocals of Christopher Pike made me realise life is short so I should hold onto with my both hands and pretend nobody can see me cry

I've started drawing again and the results are posetronic net

                                                                              on my wife's birthday i found a strange mysterious rusty key in her breasts. when I used it on all doors in my house I found it opened the secret door underneath my fridge.

when i went into there I found a pile of dead bodie LOL

anyway, here's mr comic

do you like it?

if you dont FUCK OFF


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